Poor compliance continues to be our biggest challenge. We lose 50% immediately post discharge, as they do not display any self-care behavior at all.

Professor Karl Swedberg




Improved Heart Failure care with OPTILOGGTM

-the patient's way

OPTILOGG is a CE-marked MedTech service, with clinically proven efficacy through a randomized clinical trial together with Karolinska University Hospital, Danderyds Hospital and Södersjukhuset.

OPTILOGG dramatically reduces the number heart failure hospital days, and improves compliance and self-care behavior.


OPTILOGG is a service provided by CareLigo. This means that after being prescribed to a patient, CareLigo handles installation, eductaion, maintenance and technical support -and all of this without generating any increase in workload for the health care provider. There is no integration with neither medical records nor IT-systems required, and nobody needs to change the way they carry out their work.


OPTILOGG has the potential to generate savings of 300 million Euros a year in Sweden alone, if fully deployed.